Desiree Isabella Aviles…

Alex had to put his search for Dallas and hence Debbie on hold for the moment… With the weekend fast approaching, he needed to make preparations for a trip up to his Bug Out Location (BOL) upstate, near Oneonta… His never ending efforts to make that his “fortress of solitude” just never seemed to, well… end…!!! 🙂

He left at the very crack of dawn on Friday morning wanting to beat the work traffic that was sure to be heavy… Once out of Long Island and past the bridges, traffic would be a bit lighter… Alex had refueled the day before, so the gas tank was full… He had a bit more than 4 hours of traveling time, assuming he made no pit stops…!!! 🙂 Continue reading “Desiree Isabella Aviles…”

Alex Works Out A Plan…

Alex was still troubled by his earlier meeting with Debbie and the fact that she had run out on him before he really got a chance to know who she was…!!! Now that he knew she existed, he had to come up with a way to find her…!!! 🙂

But what did he actually know about her…??? Nothing except that she had a “boyfriend” (or did she just say that to push him away…???) named “Dallas” and that he rode a Harley…!!! Actually, that was a great start… There could not be that many people in the Copiague and surrounding areas that were named “Dallas”… And certainly, the biker community was relatively tight and small, especially the Harley riders…!!! It should not be that difficult at all for Alex to ask some of his biker friends to ask around and locate Dallas…!!! And thru Dallas, he could find Debbie again…!!! Then of course, he would have to compete with Dallas for Debbie’s attention… But, Alex reasoned, that would be tomorrow’s problem… Today’s problem would be how to find Debbie…!!! 🙂 Continue reading “Alex Works Out A Plan…”

Debbie Cools Off…

Debbie was still vexed over her encounter with Alex earlier that day, but she wasn’t quite sure why she suddenly exploded…  She decided to pour herself a soul soothing glass of wine…  She tasted its full bodied red warmth… The fuzzying effect took almost immediate hold… She now felt more relaxed…  🙂

She thought about Dallas… He was a brawny, good looking sort with a Texas drawl (and as big as Texas at that)…  That was probably what drew her to him…  That, and his beautifully loud Harley…!!!  While he was attractive and likable, Dallas would not have been her normal pick without the drawl and the bike…  He didn’t have the depth of personality that she was looking for…  Except for bikes, sports, and beverages, Dallas had very few other areas of expertise…  Oh yeah, he was also a good brawler and quite easy to be drawn into one…!!!  🙂 Continue reading “Debbie Cools Off…”

Debbie Does Dallas…???

Debbie quickened her pace to nimbly cross over to the sidewalk to avoid getting clipped by the onrushing car… She thought some drivers drove a bit too recklessly in the mall’s parking lot…  She was going to the supermarket at the intersection of Montauk Hwy and Great Neck Rd  in Copiague…  She remembered they had some plants for sale in the produce section… She wanted to get something for her garden and perhaps her sunny window sills… She started browsing…  😊

Alex strode into the supermarket as if he was on a mission… Well, he was… He had just finished working in his garden and he was starved…  He had depleted his food stores over the last previous days… And since he was so busy getting his beds ready for his veggies, he had little time to spare to get restocked…!!! Hence, his visit to the nearby supermarket rather than the customary organic farm in Huntington where he did most of his food shopping…  😊

Continue reading “Debbie Does Dallas…???”

She Wears A Sword And Shield…

Who is she…???   Is she Diana Prince (the unconquerable Wonder Woman)…??? Is she Xena the Warrior Princess…??? No…  She is a 5′ 9″ raven haired beauty with deep chocolate brown eyes, the match of any male warrior, and second only to the Amazon Queen herself in skill. strength, and daring…!!!  🙂

Her long black hair is tied high on the back of her head and still streams down considerably below her shoulders as it whips from side to side with every turn of her noble head…   Her full, curvy figure is firm and tight from the hours upon hours she had spent honing her warrior craft as did all her Amazon sisters…!!!  But, they were her sisters no longer…!!!   She had been cast out… And she now begins her lonely journey into as yet unknown perils… Notwithstanding her prowess, she is a woman and she is indeed alone…!!!  🙂

What Is A DoomsDay Prepper/Survivalist…

The Mayan calendar predicted that the end of the Earth would happen in 2012…  A movie was made depicting that event and it was called “2012”…  Shortly thereafter, there was a series on the National Geographic network called “DoomsDay Preppers”…!!!  The series was televised for 4 seasons and contained 54 episodes…!!!   🙂

So, what is a “DoomsDay Prepper”…???  That is a person or persons who believe that under a variety of certain circumstances, a breakdown of society and social structure could occur…!!!  🙂

A few simple recent examples would be super storms / hurricanes Katrina (New Orleans), Sandy (New Jersey, New York, etc) and Harvey (Texas and Louisiana)…!!!  And even more recently, Maria (Puerto Rico)…!!!  🙂

While these were relatively brief and short lived catastrophes, they can render an idea of how helpless humanity can be once normal life as we know it, with all its amenities is greatly disrupted…  Other examples might be earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, power grid disruptions as well as destabilized financial markets, etc… 🙂

Just look at what happens when they announce that a major storm is about to hit…  Everyone runs to the store to empty out the shelves…  But what would happen if the event lasts for more than a few days and over a large area…???  Pandemonium can occur… People can begin to run out of provisions…  Then, it can become a situation of survival of the fittest as people who are hungry and thirsty begin to steal from and possibly harm each other…!!!  🙂

A Prepper is one who foresees the eventuality of one or more of these possibilities and prepares as best he (or she) can for himself and his family…  While some preparations, and stocking up, can be made in place, many preppers choose to set up “bug out locations” (BOL) in less conspicuous and out of the way places…  There, they stock up with provisions of food, water and medical equipment, etc…  So, if something should happen, they can quickly escape to safety till normalcy returns…!!!  🙂

We Bit The Bullet…

September 10, 2017…  The sun had just turned away from directly facing the earth. It belched out an x10+ strength CME which scientist say would have been a “planet killer” had it hit the earth head on…  We “bit the bullet” on this one…!!!  🙂

The basis of my developing story (found in Category: “What, NO Zombies…???”) has a major force CME as the catalyst in ending our society as we know it by knocking out (“frying”) the electrical grid world wide…!!!  🙂

When that happens, most of humanity will have to live without electricity and all the comforts and amenities that electricity brings to us…!!!  We would be in a pre-industrial era because nothing we have would work any longer…!!!  🙂

The video below gives visuals as well as technical narrative…  (I am NOT making this stuff up – my story yes, but this stuff, NO…!!!)  🙂

A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)…

We’ve all heard of the “Aurora Borealis” also know as the “Northern Lights”…  Some of us have even seen these effects on TV or in photos…  They are eerie, almost mystical lights that typically are visible around the polar regions…  They can be seen around the Poles, yes both the North and the South Poles (Southern Lights. Aurora Australis) …!!!  🙂

What causes them…???  In pre-scientific days, it might have been interpreted as the work of a capricious God…!!!  But, we have since learned that those lights are caused by the electromagnetic waves thrown out by the sun that hit the earth and interacts with the earth’s own electromagnetic force…!!!  The very same force that on a daily basis protects us from the sun’s damaging rays…!!!  🙂

If the sun’s coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are not that powerful, little to no damaging effect occurs, other than the manifestation exhibited by the “northern lights”…  If however the CME is of a given magnitude (or greater), then serious problems can ensue because CMEs have the power and potential to affect all electronic equipment…!!!  The following are some FACTS…!!!  🙂

March 13, 1989 – Quebec got hit with a CME that took out it’s grid for 9 hours…!!!  🙂

September 1, 1859 – The earth got hit with an extremely large CME The Auroras were seen as far south as the Caribbeans (Cuba and Puerto Rico) and as far north (from the South Pole) as Queensland, Australia…  🙂

This was known as the Carrington event, after a British astronomer who first witnessed and reported the sunspots…  A few days later, the newly installed telegraph systems across the US and Europe were  “fried to a crisp”, fires were stared, and several telegraph operators received electrical shocks…!!!  🙂

July 23, 2012 – A massive CME comparative to the one in the Carrington Event crossed earths orbit and gave it a brief glancing blow…  Had that CME hit in full force, it could have fried most of if not all of the earth’s electrical grid, plunging us all into a pre-industrial age…  We would have been thrown into the 1700 – 1800 era, and worse…  Because those people knew how to live without electricity and were prepared to do so…  We are not, nor do we know how…!!!  🙂

The above are indeed FACTS and can be verified on the internet…!!!  🙂

The Return…!!!

I’ve had to deal with some issues regarding this site…  I had to change my hosting service and had to then recreate everything…  Thankfully, I had saved off a copy of everything I had written…  🙂

I will now be recreating what I did have…  Once completed, I will be able to continue on with new material…!!!    So, stay tuned…!!!   🙂