No. Pagliaccio Non Son …

Alex was still reeling from Kassie’s last biting remarks. Her derision. She called him a clown. The background music in his head changed to “No, Pagliaccio Non Son” (No, I Am Not A Clown) from Leon Cavallo’s tragic opera, “I Pagliacci”. He felt the anguish and fury expressed in that aria. The anger that rose up in his soul filled him with venom. How could she so cruelly trample his heart?

He silently cursed the faiths that put him in this situation. Here he was thrust into a hopeless situation, made to fall in desperate love with such a divine creature, and yet she may as well have been on a totally different world as far as she was concerned. Alex also realized that there was no way really that he would ever change her mind, and if that’s what her feelings were, well, that’s the roll of the dice!

“Wow! What’s that face?” inquired Farmer Sal as he approached Alex from the garden area.

“It’s Kassie. I told her how I felt about her, and she nailed the coffin shut.”

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A Throne In The Heavens…

“Kassie, I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you. I’ve never cared for anyone as much as I care for you. We are here to stay. We only have each other. Fate has brought us together for a reason.”

“I don’t believe we are here to stay Alex. Somehow, we will get back to where we came from when “they” realize I don’t want to be here.”

“Kassie, what if that never happens? You heard what The Venerable told us the very first day we were here. He said that NO ONE ever left. They all died here. All of his predecessors died here. What makes you think you will be the first one to be able to leave?”

“Are you going to give up so easily?”

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The Heavenly Vision…

After the departure of the indigent delegation, everyone returned to their own objectives. The Venerable busied himself in the cabin. Farmer Sal returned to the area on the back side of the homestead where the garden was situated, just outside the fencing. Alex brought the filly into the specially constructed corral he had set up for the big black stallion. Kassie brought her newly received gifts into her lean to.

After a while, Alex returned to the front of his tent to retrieve some tools. As he was doing so, he heard Kassie’s voice.

“Well, how do I look?”

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El Jefe Pays Tribute…

Sooner than expected, a small band of the indigents, led by El Jefe showed up at the homestead. They were greeted by The Venerable.

“I have gifts for the new off-worlders”,  announced El Jefe.

“Let me call them”, responded The Venerable. He summoned the othe 3 who were on the othe side of the homestead.

Greetings were exchanged all around and El Jefe was introduced to Farmer Sal. They relayed his exciting entry into his world.

“Hmmm…” mused El Jefe. “The appearance of the T-Rex at this time does not bode well. The creatures do not normally egress from their home area. Something must have disturbed them. It will probably not be the only creature that will beset us. And some are even more terrible and less destructible than the T-Rexes. We should all be on high alert from now on.”

“You are unfortunately correct in your supposition El Jefe. Hopefully, this new incursion will not last too long, and will not involve too many of those creatures.”

“Let me tell you why I came”, interjected El Jefe. “You ordered clothing for the Lovely Young Lady that stole my heart. I wish to regale her with a gift of them to her as a token of homage and my deepest respect.” His head bowed as he said this.

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Farmer Sal…

Before leaving the homestead, Alex added his bow and arrows to his armaments. He and Kassie then began their walk by striking out towards the perimeter of the field on the west side. They would have the warming morning sun shining on them. Alex had them alternate their pace every few hundred yards or so. They had traveled roughly a mile in the southerly direction. Alex then had then turn east towards the woods on the opposite perimeter. That was the side of the woods from which they originated when they came out of the fog. Once they reached that edge of the woods, they turned back north in the direction of the homestead.

“Oh good. We’re finally going back home.”

“Yes. This was a nice warm up for today. But, when we go back, we will begin with some weapons training.”

“Not before I have some breakfast. I am starving.”

“Yes, this exercise will work wonders for your appetite.”

“Helllppp”…  “Somebody help me.”

Those cries came from within the woods. They were followed by the crackling of branches. Darting out of the woods, with a behemoth following close at  his heels was a man in dread panic.

“Oh my God,” cried out Kassie. “It’s Farmer Sal.”

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Training Kassie…

At the very crack of dawn the next morning, Alex sprang out of his sleeping bag and after a few minutes stepped out of his tent. He walked the few steps over to the lean to and called out to Kassie.

“Get up sleepy head. Time to start our day.”

“Y A W N… Go away. I want to sleep some more.”

“Either you get up and come out on your own, or I will come in and carry you out.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Kassie… Now!”

“Y A W N…  All right, all right. Give me a couple of minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

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Returning From The Village…

Alex led the big black stallion as they returned from the village to the homestead. He had offered the opportunity to ride back to both The Venerable and to Kassie. They each declined. As much as he dearly wanted to ride this magnificent horse, he chose not to a this time.

They arrived at the homestead without further incident. The day had been long, very tiring, and certainly very eventful. It was nearing sunset. They repaired to the cabin where The Venerable prepared a hearty meal.

“you made quite a stir Kassie. If not for Alex, right now you would be ‘Mrs. El Jefe’. How do you feel about that?”

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What’s New – K190115

Our trio, Kassie, Alex and The Venerable travel to “The Village”…  There, Alex meets “El Jefe”…  El Jefe sees Kassie, wants her and offers “The Challenge”…!!!  🙂

Read these 3 new posts to see what is happening to our hero and heroin…!!!  🙂

Did Alex survive the challenge…??? Read and find out…  Let me know what you think…!!!  🙂

The Challenge

“I challenge you for her. We will combat, to the death.”

“That’s crazy. I’m not going to fight you.”

“Oh Alex, I told you to be wary of him. You have no choice. He will invade our homestead and take her by force anyway.” Moaned The Venerable.

Alex eyed his opponent more critically now. El Jefe was young, well built, strong looking, and a bit taller than Alex. This was not going to be easy. And, it might end in his death. He had to figure a way out of this, and quickly.

El Jefe picked up his axe and his shield. Alex had his shield also. He picked up his spear. He felt that would give him the best advantage in this situation. He could always resort to his wooden sword that was ensconced in his shield if need be. And, he could always resort to the two hunting knives on his belt in an emergency. The two men squared off.

The Venerable drew Kassie off to the side. The commotion had attracted a crowd of spectators. Many were cheering for El Jefe. A few malcontents were cheering “for the new guy”!

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El Jefe

Alex walked over to where there were a few horses fenced in. He now looked at them more closely. He perceived that there must have been at least some Arabian blood in those horses. They had an anvil shaped head, arched neck, and tail held high as they pranced around like precision ballerinas. They were all beautiful examples of horses.

“Do you like them?” a strong, vibrant voice reached from behind him.

Alex, in a trance from staring at the horses, did not hear someone coming up from behind him and was startled. He spun around. Standing before him, was a tall, about 6’ 2”, muscular presence. Behind him was the most majestic looking black stallion he had ever seen. It certainly looked like a fiery Arabian.

“Yes, they are magnificent. And yours is beyond belief. I have never seen one so beautiful, so noble looking.” Alex said. He longed to reach out and touch this beautiful animal.

“My name is Alex”

“My people call me El Jefe,”

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The Village

I can see that the first thing I’m going to have to build you is a small cart. If we are going to do much trading, we’re going to need something to make this easier. And, we may also need a convenient beast of burden. You know, something other than me.”

That elicited a few chuckles from The Venerable.  He replied, “For the most part Alex, the traders would come by with their wares based on their knowledge of my needs and preferences. They have horse driven carts, or sometimes the wares were just on pack horses.”

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What’s New – K190105

Several episodes have been added to “The Kassie Kronicles”…  The action is starting to pick up.”  🙂

Alex does some soul searching in “Oh Paradise… You Belong To Me…”…  🙂

The ISIS lecher makes a brief yet ominous appearance in “Return Of The ISIS Lecher…” (very imaginative title, don’t you think…???)    🙂

Next, we find out about “The First Morning…” with Alex, Kassie, and The Venerable…  🙂

Alex tries to bring Kassie down to earth (so to speak) in “Facing Reality…”…  🙂

And finally, The Venerable makes Alex and Kassie an offer he hopes they can’t, or won’t refuse…  🙂

The Offer…

The Venerable came upon them as they were organizing the gear they had retrieved. “Ah, I see you have returned in one piece. I see you have set yourself up to stay.”

“Yes Venerable. I’m hoping that we can impose just a bit longer on your hospitality until we get our bearings and decide best what to do. If it was just me, I could just find myself a nice place in the woods and survive with some hunting and trapping. But, with Kassie here, I can’t just take off on my own. She has not yet accepted that she is here to stay.”

“Well Alex, and you too young lady, I have a proposition for you. I do know the area. I do have the facilities, such as they are, I do have a fruitful garden. I have all the comforts of home, again such as it is. But, I am not getting any younger.”

“I’ve taken a liking to both of you. I would gladly extend my hospitality to you if you would agree to stay on my homestead and be of some help to me. You could still do your hunting and trapping if you wished Alex, and use this as your home base. You could have the best of both situations.”

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Facing Reality…

Alex woke up just after sunrise. He gathered his bed roll and cleaned up after himself. He assumed that Kassie was still asleep since he didn’t hear any movement from within the lean to. He was about to walk towards the creek to wash up when The Venerable greeted him.

“Oh, good morning Venerable, you’re up quite early.”

“As are you Alex.”

“I have to confess that I am starving. I wish I had purchased some organic coffee beans yesterday, but I didn’t need them at home since I still had an ample supply. I don’t suppose you have any local coffee here in this fairyland?”

“Sorry Alex, no. That’s another delicacy I’ve had to do without. But I do have a nice variety of herbal teas you might like.”

“Y A W N N N… What’s for breakfast?” a sweet melodic voice chirped forth.

“Ahhh… Good morning young lady. How did you sleep? Comfortably I trust?”

“Yes, thank you Venerable. The accommodations were just fine. After the day we had yesterday, it didn’t take much to make me fall asleep.”

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Return Of The ISIS Lecher

The tall, lanky ISIS lecher had backed up his SUV as fast as it would go to make sure he got away from that madman that had just dispatched 3 of his men. He needed time to think. The rage filled within him. He not only lost the opportunity to overwhelm that beautiful girl after whom he had been lusting for quite some time, but he lost a confrontation he should easily have won, considering it was 4 against one! He did not like losing. He will seek his revenge on both of those two. Him for killing his associates. Her, because he badly wanted her! He will not let her go now that she was close within his grasp.

ISIS backed up into a side street out of site from those 2 to plan his next move. They are apparently not fixing the flat, and apparently, he is going to take her home. ISIS planned to follow them at a discrete distance.

He began to follow them. As he turned a corner, he noticed them ahead of him quite away, but he also noticed a thick descending fog. He saw the fog engulf them. He slowed down so as not to rear end them. And before he knew it, he too was engulfed by the same thick soup such that he could no longer see the road in front him. Before he could think of what to do next, he felt his car lurch to a sudden stop and realized the engine had died. He tried to restart, but there was no life in the car. Now what was he going to do? As he was trying to ponder his next move, the fog began to lift. What ISIS saw now made his previous problems seem pale by comparison!

As ISIS looked at his surroundings, he saw no roads, no houses. He saw woods to one side, and foothills on the other. It was as if he had been transported to another world. ISIS exited his SUV with scimitar in hand. Everywhere he looked, it was the same, woods on one side and foothills on the other, as far as the eye could see. But there must be some humanity somewhere. He would climb to a higher view to get a better perspective of his surroundings. He must find something!

Oh Paradise… You Belong To Me…

Before turning into his bed roll for the night, Alex took stock of his environment and situation. It was a beautiful moonlit night punctuated by a canopy of stars. Such a sight would not be seen back home with all the visual “noise” created by modern society. Here, there was just the light of nature. He recalled the beautiful woods, spectacular countryside and panorama of the mountains beyond that he had seen earlier that day. Yes, this was truly an “Eden”, a paradise.

As he breathed in the crisp fresh air, he was reminded of the aria, “Mi Batte Il Cor – O Paradiso” (My Heart Beats – Oh Paradise). The music and lyrics started playing in his head. And as it did he thought out loud, “I did not ask to come here. But since you brought me here, whomever you are, I am going to make this paradise my own. I will own you. This new world will belong to me! This world will belong to ME!

Alex makes peace with his situation. He learned a long, long time ago that to waste time agonizing over something you can’t do anything about is very counterproductive and a waste of good energy. He would keep himself alert to any possibility of escape back to his old world. But, if what The Venerable said was true, and no one ever made it back, then he was going to put his efforts into acclimating to the situation at hand and make a new, meaningful and sustainable life for himself. Very high on that list of priorities was to get Kassie to warm up to him.

With that pleasant thought, Alex finally bedded down and fell into a deep sleep.