What Is A DoomsDay Prepper/Survivalist…

The Mayan calendar predicted that the end of the Earth would happen in 2012…  A movie was made depicting that event and it was called “2012”…  Shortly thereafter, there was a series on the National Geographic network called “DoomsDay Preppers”…!!!  The series was televised for 4 seasons and contained 54 episodes…!!!   🙂

So, what is a “DoomsDay Prepper”…???  That is a person or persons who believe that under a variety of certain circumstances, a breakdown of society and social structure could occur…!!!  🙂

A few simple recent examples would be super storms / hurricanes Katrina (New Orleans), Sandy (New Jersey, New York, etc) and Harvey (Texas and Louisiana)…!!!  And even more recently, Maria (Puerto Rico)…!!!  🙂

While these were relatively brief and short lived catastrophes, they can render an idea of how helpless humanity can be once normal life as we know it, with all its amenities is greatly disrupted…  Other examples might be earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, power grid disruptions as well as destabilized financial markets, etc… 🙂

Just look at what happens when they announce that a major storm is about to hit…  Everyone runs to the store to empty out the shelves…  But what would happen if the event lasts for more than a few days and over a large area…???  Pandemonium can occur… People can begin to run out of provisions…  Then, it can become a situation of survival of the fittest as people who are hungry and thirsty begin to steal from and possibly harm each other…!!!  🙂

A Prepper is one who foresees the eventuality of one or more of these possibilities and prepares as best he (or she) can for himself and his family…  While some preparations, and stocking up, can be made in place, many preppers choose to set up “bug out locations” (BOL) in less conspicuous and out of the way places…  There, they stock up with provisions of food, water and medical equipment, etc…  So, if something should happen, they can quickly escape to safety till normalcy returns…!!!  🙂