Kassie Helps Farmer Sal…

Kassie’s part time job was at a ceramic studio not too far from home… People who wanted to make ceramic pots, ash trays, and other clay objects, would come here to learn and to pass the time away being, or trying to be, creative…  Although she herself was learning how to, it was her job to help the student/clients in their efforts and ultimately, to fire up their finished product in the kiln…  Of course, cleaning up after everyone was done for the day was also part of her many tasks…  😊

One such client was someone she called “Farmer Sal”…  He was an organic gardener who gifted her with some of his home grown tomatoes, potatoes and other veggies…  Farmer Sal was a much better gardener than he was a clay potter however…  Nonetheless, he was tentatively attempting to fashion some Ollas…  😊

Ollas were unglazed clay pots used for irrigation since ancient times… The pots had a narrow neck and were buried into the ground up to their neck…  They would be buried near the plants, and when filled with water, the water would seep out slowly through the unglazed sides of the pots and bring irrigation to the plant’s roots…  This method saved time and water usage…!!!  😊 Continue reading “Kassie Helps Farmer Sal…”

Kiss It… Kiss It…

Kassie was still fuming from the incident with that lecherous groper… And to make matters worse, she would now have to go many long hours without her favorite beverage… well, her coffee anyway…!!! 😊)

And bad enough being late for work, she was now catching all the red traffic lights…  This was going to make a short trip anything but short…  She turned on the radio and caught the tail end of one of her favorite songs, “Love Bites” from Def Leppard… The dreary news came on right after that…  😊

The newscaster was reporting that…  “What is this guy doing?” She groaned out loud…  “He’s coming right up to my bumper. Go on. Kiss it. Kiss it.”…  The car behind her stopped just short of running into the hitch she had on the truck’s rear end…  She loved that hitch…  It was a punisher for those that got too close…  She herself had smashed her shins into it at least 3 times in the past…  And, yes it hurt…!!!  😊 Continue reading “Kiss It… Kiss It…”

5 Feet Of Personal Space…

Y A W N N N…  Kassie was still not fully awake that morning as she felt her cat purring on her chest, it’s favorite sleeping position… Her T-Shirt was moist where the cat was busy licking it…  What a way to wake up she thought…!!!  😊

Kassie had already hit the snooze alarm several times and was now going to have to rush to get to work…  She rose from her bed, casting off her adoring cat… She washed up, got dressed, and was quickly out the door…  Kassie walked across her lawn barefoot as she was often wont to do, carrying her foot gear in hand…  😊

She stepped into her muscular pickup truck (none of those “girlie” mini trucks  for Kassie), turned the key and raced off… Her first stop was customarily to get her soul nourishing special cup of coffee from her favorite coffee shop…  Kassie could not function without it…  😊

The line at the coffee shop was already several people deep…  Kassie got into line and impatiently waited her turn…  She was definitely going to be late for work…!!! As she waited for the line before her to dwindle away, she became aware that additional people added to the end of the line behind her… 😊

Kassie was now within 2 customers of the coffee counter when she felt a bump of sorts to her well padded posterior…  At first she thought it might have been an accidental push from the next person in line behind her…  But, she heard no apologetic “excuse me”…  She then felt another, but this time it felt more like a touch, or a caress…!!!  Kassie whirled around finding this tall, gruff looking man, practically in her face…!!!  😊 Continue reading “5 Feet Of Personal Space…”

Who, What, Where, and When is Kassie Khalee….???

If good things come in small packages, this must be the greatest package of them all…!!! At just 5′ 2 1/2″ tall this green eyed raven haired creature was surely the most enchanting  ever to have trodden on this earth…!!!  😊

Her early troubled life is what shaped her character…  She would bend, but she would not break… She was very sweet, passionate and kind towards those few she genuinely cared for and loved… But she was fierce and noble in her defense of these very same against those who would transgress…  😊

And like her namesake of Greek mythology (Cassandra of Troy), she had the gift to somehow foresee the outcome of certain events as well as to divine the true nature of a person…!!!  😊

But the past was almost a paradise compared to the oncoming tide that was about to engulf both her as well as most everyone else here in the soon to be formerly “good old USA”…!!!  😊

The constant rash of assault rifle mass shootings as well as the many recent terrorist activity episodes finally caused Congress to impose harsh gun-control laws… The law confiscated most citizen owned fire arms…  They also clamped down on the sale of ammunition, so much so that even illegal arms or ammunition could not be had anywhere…!!!  It was now almost impossible to be a “bad guy” any more…!!!  😊

However, since the citizenry refused to be totally disarmed and left without protection, certain restrictions were relaxed…  But, this was only with regard to bladed weapons…!!!  😊

Interestingly, this turned out to be a case of be careful what you wish for…!!!  This curious turn of events actually helped spread the proliferation of ISIS sympathizers…  And while they could no longer take advantage of firepower, they could make lightening raids with machetes, scimitars, and other bladed weapons and create havoc, injuries and fatalities at a moment’s notice…!!!  😊

This was indeed the world that Kassie Khalee now found herself in…  How was she and everyone else going to survive…??? 😊 Continue reading “Who, What, Where, and When is Kassie Khalee….???”