The Path Not Taken

Alex sprang out of bed as he customarily did ready to attack his day…  His youthful vigor would accept nothing less…   As normal, he did an early morning flex in front of his mirror, unabashedly admiring his muscular body which he had been sculpting from his early teens…  He peeked closer at his face and noticed some stubble growth…  Vanity prompted him to shave before he went out on his morning jog around the park…  After all, he had a public image to consider…!!!  😊

He customarily walked the first lap around the small lake. That was almost a full mile. He would then jog around for several more laps at varying speeds, culminating in a cool off lap…  On one of his jog laps, in the distance, he noted someone traveling in the opposite direction, coming towards him…  It was a youthful female…  She had long corn silk hair, fair skin and was very angelic looking…  He could not help but be startled…  She was breathtaking beautiful… His pace slowed down and stopped suddenly several feet from her…  This also startled the lovely young lady, even though it seemed that she also had been looking at him…  😊

“I’m sorry,” Alex blurted out…  “I didn’t mean to frighten you. But you seem vaguely familiar like we’ve met before.”  😊

She replied with, “I don’t see how that is possible since I just moved here. But, now that you mention it, I do seem to find something familiar about you too.”  😊

“Really? That’s interesting. Maybe somehow faith has thrown us together.” Alex said with confident optimism…  😊

“We’ll see,” she retorted coquettishly…!!!  😊

“My name is Alex.” 😊

She countered with, “I’m Mela”…  😊

Alex looked deeply into her sky blue eyes and asked, “Mela, would you like to celebrate this momentous occasion over a cup of coffee? I would very much like to get to know you better.” 😊

Mela looked deeply into his eyes and said, “I thought you’d never ask!”…  😊


Mela and Alex walked off together into what they each hoped would be an interesting chapter in their young, eternal lives…!!!  😊

Throw Back Thursday (TBT)

Melanie Luca (or Mela as she liked to be called) sat exhausted at her computer after a long hard day’s work…  It seemed that work days got longer and longer and more and more tiring… Age and the years began weighing heavily on her…  And while she was still a lovely looking woman, she longed for those days when she was young and her energies were inexhaustible…  And what made it worse, today was another “throwback Thursday” (TBT)…  So, she was sure to see many of her friends on FaceBook (FB) post many of their youthful photos on their walls…  Mela always envied those, yet she never followed suit…!!!  😊

Today however, she felt that strong urge to show the world the glory she had once been…!!!  So, she looked thru her yesteryear photos and selected one that she felt represented her best… It was one from her late teens, early twenties… Mela posted it with pride…  She thought, “that will make some of them sizzle”…!!!  😊

As Mela scrolled thru her TimeLine to see who else posted what, she suddenly stopped at what must have been someone else’s TBT photo…  “Wow,” she thought…  “Those muscles sure look good on him”…!!!  😊


Alexander LoGrande (known as Alex to his familiars) exhaled heavily as he sat by his laptop, on the small living room table, hoping to finally relax for the evening…  His achy, tired body spoke of the many years of toil…  He could see himself in the wall mirror by looking over the laptop…  What he saw was somewhat depressing…  The age lines on his face were prominent…  He had grown a beard to hide his triple chins…  His shiny, ever-present forehead became ever more prominent because of his now coarse, ever thinning hair…  Hidden from the mirror, but not his notice was his well-maintained paunch…!!!  Alex was disgusted with himself…  How did he let himself get to this stage…!!!  😊

His melancholy and vanity got the better of him…  He went digging for some of his late teens, early twenties photos when he was buff and in great shape…  Those were the days when he lifted weights and did a lot of walking and jogging…  He was very fit then…!!!  He selected one that he thought would reflect well upon him…  He posted it with an element of pride…!!!  He really did look good, clean shaven, tight body, full head of hair…!!!  😊

Before turning off his laptop and turning in to bed to give his weary body a rest, he decided to scroll down a little bit to see what else came across his timelne…  And, there it was…  The most enchanting vision he had ever seen…  She was fair of skin with long corn silk hair…  Her sky blue eyes were a promise of the Heavens they represented…  She had a slight Mona Lisa type smile, just barely noticeable…  This young beauty must have been a total heartthrob in her day…  The only thought that ran thru his mind was, “where have you been all my life”…???  😊

In his mind, Alex started fantasizing of what it would have been like had he met this vision of loveliness at an earlier point in his life when they were both young, virile and energetic…  He could only imagine…!!!  He finally turned into bed, dejected knowing that somehow, he had missed the opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity that he had never been given…!!!  Ahhh, if only…!!!  😊