We Bit The Bullet…

September 10, 2017…  The sun had just turned away from directly facing the earth. It belched out an x10+ strength CME which scientist say would have been a “planet killer” had it hit the earth head on…  We “bit the bullet” on this one…!!!  🙂

The basis of my developing story (found in Category: “What, NO Zombies…???”) has a major force CME as the catalyst in ending our society as we know it by knocking out (“frying”) the electrical grid world wide…!!!  🙂

When that happens, most of humanity will have to live without electricity and all the comforts and amenities that electricity brings to us…!!!  We would be in a pre-industrial era because nothing we have would work any longer…!!!  🙂

The video below gives visuals as well as technical narrative…  (I am NOT making this stuff up – my story yes, but this stuff, NO…!!!)  🙂


A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)…

We’ve all heard of the “Aurora Borealis” also know as the “Northern Lights”…  Some of us have even seen these effects on TV or in photos…  They are eerie, almost mystical lights that typically are visible around the polar regions…  They can be seen around the Poles, yes both the North and the South Poles (Southern Lights. Aurora Australis) …!!!  🙂

What causes them…???  In pre-scientific days, it might have been interpreted as the work of a capricious God…!!!  But, we have since learned that those lights are caused by the electromagnetic waves thrown out by the sun that hit the earth and interacts with the earth’s own electromagnetic force…!!!  The very same force that on a daily basis protects us from the sun’s damaging rays…!!!  🙂

If the sun’s coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are not that powerful, little to no damaging effect occurs, other than the manifestation exhibited by the “northern lights”…  If however the CME is of a given magnitude (or greater), then serious problems can ensue because CMEs have the power and potential to affect all electronic equipment…!!!  The following are some FACTS…!!!  🙂

March 13, 1989 – Quebec got hit with a CME that took out it’s grid for 9 hours…!!!  🙂

September 1, 1859 – The earth got hit with an extremely large CME The Auroras were seen as far south as the Caribbeans (Cuba and Puerto Rico) and as far north (from the South Pole) as Queensland, Australia…  🙂

This was known as the Carrington event, after a British astronomer who first witnessed and reported the sunspots…  A few days later, the newly installed telegraph systems across the US and Europe were  “fried to a crisp”, fires were stared, and several telegraph operators received electrical shocks…!!!  🙂

July 23, 2012 – A massive CME comparative to the one in the Carrington Event crossed earths orbit and gave it a brief glancing blow…  Had that CME hit in full force, it could have fried most of if not all of the earth’s electrical grid, plunging us all into a pre-industrial age…  We would have been thrown into the 1700 – 1800 era, and worse…  Because those people knew how to live without electricity and were prepared to do so…  We are not, nor do we know how…!!!  🙂

The above are indeed FACTS and can be verified on the internet…!!!  🙂