Twinkle Twinkle Little Star …

That evening, the first since this adventure began, did not benefit from the presence of Kassie. Since the lean-to was now empty, it was decided that Farmer Sal would appropriate it. Alex would now have his tent to himself.

As was often his wont, he would pace the compound in the starlit night. The sadness of the moment clutched his heart. Here he was in this forsaken world again without Kassie. And now she was actually gone. She took herself away from him. How much more clearly could she state her indifference towards him?

Looking up at the starry heavens and feeling the sadness in his heart, the aria “E Lucevan Le Stelle” (The Stars Were Gleaming) from Giacomo Puccini’s opera, “Tosca” started playing in his head. The essence of the 2 most relevant lines played over and over in his head. “My dream of love Is for ever gone. I will die in desperation a very lonely man.”

His heart was heavy. His love was gone. If only he knew how to win her over. He was now very weary. He went to his tent and lay down to sleep. Tomorrow would be another day.

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