Where No Woman Had Gone Before …

Kassie had broken 2 barriers. She was not only the first outworlder to take leadership of the tribe. But she was also the first woman to do so. She was going to be housed in El Jefe’s former home.  The same home that ISIS had usurped.

Alex let her keep both mini cross bows, the 2 knives she was to always keep on a belt on her person, her spear, and the white horse that El Jefe had originally given to him. She gave her good byes to both The Venerable and Farmer Sal.

Kassie and Alex now faced each other. “Thank you for everything you did for me and for everything you taught me. I would never had thought of doing this otherwise.”

“So this is what you spoke to Anciana about yesterday?”

“Yes Alex, I quickly realized that she might be open to the idea, so I brought it to her attention. I will be ok. I won’t be that far away.”

“Kassie, I’m sorry, but any time that you are not near me, you are too far away.”

“Can I count on you if I need your help?”

“Kassie, I will always be here for you.”

She smiled. She gave him a hug and placed a soft tender kiss on his cheek. She mounted her horse and she led her new followers back to the village.

Alex watched them ride off, crest fallen.

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