Anciana …

El Jefe was gone. He had been a good leader for this tribe. ISIS killed him and usurped leadership of the tribe. He was eliminated by the outworlders. This left a void in the normal process of things. It was now up to the elders to select another leader. Most prominent among the elders was Anciana. Her very name translated to “the ancient one”. Her prowess as the premier spinner and weaver garnered her a position of importance.

Anciana listened to the suggestions of the other elders. She gave each its proper consideration. Having heard the suggestions from everyone else, she now made a case for her own candidate. She realized that hers would be an unusual candidate but realized that none could dispute the courage of the one she proffered.

A heated debate ensued. At first, Anciana stood alone. But, one by one, as the evening wore on, she overcame every objection. At final vote, it was unanimous. Anciana’s candidate was selected as the new leader.

“Tomorrow morning, a small delegation will accompany me to inform The Venerable and his party of our selection”, announced Anciana.

The next morning saw the small delegation approaching the homestead. The Venerable invited them into the compound. They all gathered by the table near the tree.

“Venerable, we have come to announce to you that we have chosen a leader for our tribe”, announced Anciana.

“Excellent. I’m quite certain you’ve made a most excellent selection.”

“We have Venerable. The leader we have selected is one of your own. One who has demonstrated unusual courage.”

“Oh, Interesting. Alex would make a great choice I’m sure.”

“Wait a minute. Who said I was interested? I have plenty to do right here”, exclaimed Alex.

“Oh no”, replied Anciana. “I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer in my statement. We have selected Kassie!”

“Kassie?” the 3 men exclaimed incredulously and in unison.

“Yes, Kassie. She did fearlessly dispatch the ISIS tyrant, the one who killed our revered El Jefe.”

“We want Kassie to lead us”, she added.

Alex turned to Kassie and said, “Kassie, what do you say about this?”

“If they will have me, I will accept.  Alex, you and Farmer Sal have told me that you both joined the paratroopers. Well, I can’t do that. But I can certainly try to do this. You have taught me well. I truly feel I can take on the world, well this one anyway.”

“Good heavens! I’ve created a monster!” at which, they all laughed.

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