The Looming Doom …

With the specter of the ISIS lecher on everyone’s mind, they each continued with their assigned respective responsibilities.

Alex and Farmer Sal worked together splitting their time first with the tending of the crops, and then continuing with the planning of the project details.

Kassie in the meantime was continuing with her solo training as per the instructions given to her by Alex. She was of course admonished to be ever wary at all times, even more so now that the ISIS lecher was in the general area.

The Venerable as always did his best to keep abreast of the happenings at and around the village. But, that was becoming ever more increasingly difficult now that the chain of command had been disrupted. He feared for those of the others he had become close to and has cared about.

The days wore on one after the other with the tension constantly filling the air. And then it happened!

One of the villagers rushed in to tell The Venerable the horrid news. It seems that as Kassie was riding near the woods, she was surprised and surrounded by ISIS and a small group of his riders. They led her off towards the village.

As the villager was reporting this to The Venerable, Alex and Farmer Sal were returning from the cultivation fields. The Venerable shouted, “Alex, ISIS kidnapped Kassie! He’s taken her to the village.”

Alex was momentarily stunned by this news. He then ran towards where the big black stallion was corralled and vaulted up on his back. Alex grabbed its mane. He squeezed its flanks hard with his legs. In response, the big horse reared up on its hind legs, shaking its noble head, and pawing the air with its forelegs. It then lunged forward and vaulted over the fence that confined it. On his way out of the compound, Alex, while still on the big black, leaned down and swooped up his trusty wooden sword. He gave the stallion a whack on its haunches with the flat of the blade. In a few brief motions, the fiery stallion was now in full stride.

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