Bad Day At Black Rock …

“El Jefe” is dead. That was the message from the nearby village.  It seems that a tall lanky stranger came out of the hills, He was dressed in strange black clothes and carried a long curved bladed weapon. When challenged by El Jefe, the stranger cut him down without warning and declared himself undisputed ruler. He proclaimed his name was “ISIS”…!!!

He killed several of the prominent men who had offered objections and took several women for his own. The villagers are all in a state of terror. They now run to obey his every command.

The Venerable was saddened by this news. He had liked and respected El Jefe. When he shared the news with the others, Alex and Kassie knew exactly who it was that The Venerable spoke of.

“He must have been transported over just like we were”, exclaimed Kassie. “I guess he was following us.”

Alex pondered, “Maybe he got sent to a different place. That’s why it took so long to hear of him.”

Farmer Sal asked, “What can we do about it?”

The Venerable interjected, “I’m not sure that we can or should do anything about it just yet. These things may work out by themselves. They always do seem to.”

“I’m not too sure about that”, interjected Alex. “The little I know about this guy, is that he is not trustworthy. And Kassie, it is now more imperative that you be extra careful and always be fully armed. You know what this guy is like.”

“Don’t worry Alex”, she said. “He is getting no here near me. You trained me too well. I can take care of myself.”

“I certainly do hope so”, Alex added with a look of resigned skepticism.


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