What…??? No Bone Spurs …???

So, Alex started with, “When Farmer Sal was a kid, he worked in his Father’s welding shop. He was his Father’s right-hand man and only helper. When he became of age, he received a draft notice. He did not want to go into the service. He felt his Father needed him. But there was no way he could get out of it. You see, his Father was not a billionaire and Farmer Sal could not claim he had bone spurs.”

At that, Kassie let out with a chuckle, and seeing the puzzlement on the face of The Venerable, she explained the relevance of that statement to him. And now, The Venerable also let out with an approving chuckle.

“Anyway”, continued Alex. “Once inducted into the service, and despite being terrified of heights, Farmer Sal volunteered for the airborne paratroopers.”

“You jumped out of planes?” exclaimed Kassie in wide eyed admiration. “How many times did you jump?”

“Kassie, I have 16 jumps to my credit and each one was with my throbbing, thundering heart stuck firmly in my throat. But I jumped none the less.”

“Oh wow. That does sound exciting and scary.”

“It was both. And, one day, when Alex and I had a conversation, he was so impressed and inspired that it caused him to also volunteer for the paratroopers.”

Alex added, “And we are both proud former members of the galactically famous, and highly vaunted 101st Airborne Division, also known as “The Screaming Eagles.”

“Oh, interesting. I did not know any of this. So, how many jumps do you have Alex?”

“Kassie, I was in a different setting and could only get in 13 jumps during my service time.”

“Wow, I am surrounded by heroes”, gushed Kassie with a smile and a twinkle in her eye for her 2 companions.

“And don’t you forget it”, retorted Alex, accepting the compliment with a nod of his head.

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