The Heavenly Vision…

After the departure of the indigent delegation, everyone returned to their own objectives. The Venerable busied himself in the cabin. Farmer Sal returned to the area on the back side of the homestead where the garden was situated, just outside the fencing. Alex brought the filly into the specially constructed corral he had set up for the big black stallion. Kassie brought her newly received gifts into her lean to.

After a while, Alex returned to the front of his tent to retrieve some tools. As he was doing so, he heard Kassie’s voice.

“Well, how do I look?”

Alex turned in her direction and was instantly frozen in place. Kassie was now wearing the new outfit she received. It was what could be called a mini-skirt, nicely fitted to her form. It was the first time Alex had seen her in a dress, with bare beautiful legs on display. She was wearing moccasins and a band on her forehead. Her hair was neatly brushed and flowed to her shoulders, adorning her angelic face. She stood there as a heavenly vision. Alex lost his heart right then and there. He was sure of it now. If he had ever doubted how he felt about Kassie, he no longer did.

In the back of his mind, he started hearing the soulful romantic aria “M’appari Tutt’Amor” (She appeared all of love) from Fredrick Von Flotow’s opera “Martha”. It was most appropriate for this scenario.

He determined that he was no longer going to skirt the issue. He was going to come right out and tell her about his feelings and let her deal with that. If she did not like him, or truly did not want it, she would have to clearly say so, and justify it to him.

Was she parading for him? Was she tantalizing him? She knew how good she looked. She didn’t have to ask and look for approval. His heart ached. He just wanted to be with her and to hold her.

“Kassie…  You, you are unbelievably beautiful”, he finally stammered.

Kassie let out a giggle. “Well, thank you. It’s nice to know I’ve still got it.”

“Oh, you still got it all right. You are positively glowing.”

She smiled.

“Kassie, I really like you, a lot.”

“Yes, I know you do Alex. A girl senses these things.”

“And you have no feelings for me at all?” Alex asked, almost begging.

“I’m sorry. I cannot give you what you want.”

Alex was crushed. His heart felt like it had caved in.

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