El Jefe Pays Tribute…

Sooner than expected, a small band of the indigents, led by El Jefe showed up at the homestead. They were greeted by The Venerable.

“I have gifts for the new off-worlders”,  announced El Jefe.

“Let me call them”, responded The Venerable. He summoned the othe 3 who were on the othe side of the homestead.

Greetings were exchanged all around and El Jefe was introduced to Farmer Sal. They relayed his exciting entry into his world.

“Hmmm…” mused El Jefe. “The appearance of the T-Rex at this time does not bode well. The creatures do not normally egress from their home area. Something must have disturbed them. It will probably not be the only creature that will beset us. And some are even more terrible and less destructible than the T-Rexes. We should all be on high alert from now on.”

“You are unfortunately correct in your supposition El Jefe. Hopefully, this new incursion will not last too long, and will not involve too many of those creatures.”

“Let me tell you why I came”, interjected El Jefe. “You ordered clothing for the Lovely Young Lady that stole my heart. I wish to regale her with a gift of them to her as a token of homage and my deepest respect.” His head bowed as he said this.

“Thank you very much El Jefe. I don’t know what else to say.”

“No thanks are necessary Lovely Kassie. We are as generous as we are fierce.”

“And to you Alex, my noble warrior friend, the stallion you won from me should not exist alone, by himself. I hereby gift to you this beautiful white filly so that you can start your own herd.”

“El Jefe, it is I now who am speechless. This is truly a magnificent gift. I could not habe asked for anything more precious. The very first foal born of this union will be gifted to you as a further token of our friendship.”

“That is quite generous Alex. I of course humbly accept.”

The Venerable prepared a meal for all with appropriate libations of wine.”

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