Returning From The Village…

Alex led the big black stallion as they returned from the village to the homestead. He had offered the opportunity to ride back to both The Venerable and to Kassie. They each declined. As much as he dearly wanted to ride this magnificent horse, he chose not to a this time.

They arrived at the homestead without further incident. The day had been long, very tiring, and certainly very eventful. It was nearing sunset. They repaired to the cabin where The Venerable prepared a hearty meal.

“you made quite a stir Kassie. If not for Alex, right now you would be ‘Mrs. El Jefe’. How do you feel about that?”

“He would have rued the day Venerable. And Alex, thank you again for coming to my rescue. It seems that I am always thanking you for something.’

I wish I could say that it was my pleasure. But the thought of kill or be killed is never a pleasant one. I am only too glad that it ended as it did. I got to keep the girl, so to speak, and I won a beautiful, magnificent horse to boot.”

“You don’t get to keep the girl. You never had the girl!” she fired back.

“Well, the horse was the better part of the bargain.” Alex responded with a snarky face.

“You two should stop quibbling. Everything turned out well considering. Be thankful that you do have each other. It will matter here. Your future may well depend upon it.”

“You are quite right Venerable. If today proved anything to me it’s that we must be proficient in both offense as well as defense. So, tomorrow morning Kassie, we will start your intensive training not only in the use of weapons, but in strengthening your body as well. I’m going to turn you into a first-class athlete and a very formidable warrior. I don’t ever want you to be helpless again.”

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