The Challenge

“I challenge you for her. We will combat, to the death.”

“That’s crazy. I’m not going to fight you.”

“Oh Alex, I told you to be wary of him. You have no choice. He will invade our homestead and take her by force anyway.” Moaned The Venerable.

Alex eyed his opponent more critically now. El Jefe was young, well built, strong looking, and a bit taller than Alex. This was not going to be easy. And, it might end in his death. He had to figure a way out of this, and quickly.

El Jefe picked up his axe and his shield. Alex had his shield also. He picked up his spear. He felt that would give him the best advantage in this situation. He could always resort to his wooden sword that was ensconced in his shield if need be. And, he could always resort to the two hunting knives on his belt in an emergency. The two men squared off.

The Venerable drew Kassie off to the side. The commotion had attracted a crowd of spectators. Many were cheering for El Jefe. A few malcontents were cheering “for the new guy”!

The two men kept circling each other. Each was sizing up the other looking for a weak point, looking for an opening. Neither one yet daring to make the first move.

Alex feinted low with his spear as if to go for the groin. Then he quickly feinted high with his spear as if to go for the face. At the same time, he pivoted on his right foot, giving a roundhouse kick with his left, catching El Jefe at the back of his right ham string. This cause a moment of instability to El Jefe with a searing pain to his right leg. Alex quickly cocked his leg and sent a brutal side kick to his opponent’s torso. El Jefe stumble backwards and fell. Alex was quickly upon him, stepping on his right arm thereby immobilizing it. He brought his spear point to the fallen man’s throat.

“She is not mine to give. She does not want to go with you. But I do not want to kill you. I do not wish to deprive your people of such a great leader and warrior. But, as you promised me, I will accept your horse as a token of our friendship and respect.”

Alex withdrew the spear point away from El Jefe’s neck. He stepped back from him and offered his hand to help him get up. The two men now faced each other again. Alex extended his hand in friendship. El Jefe accepted the offered hand and they came together in a brother like embrace.

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