El Jefe

Alex walked over to where there were a few horses fenced in. He now looked at them more closely. He perceived that there must have been at least some Arabian blood in those horses. They had an anvil shaped head, arched neck, and tail held high as they pranced around like precision ballerinas. They were all beautiful examples of horses.

“Do you like them?” a strong, vibrant voice reached from behind him.

Alex, in a trance from staring at the horses, did not hear someone coming up from behind him and was startled. He spun around. Standing before him, was a tall, about 6’ 2”, muscular presence. Behind him was the most majestic looking black stallion he had ever seen. It certainly looked like a fiery Arabian.

“Yes, they are magnificent. And yours is beyond belief. I have never seen one so beautiful, so noble looking.” Alex said. He longed to reach out and touch this beautiful animal.

“My name is Alex”

“My people call me El Jefe,”

They each extended and clasped hands.

“Do you mind if I pet him?”

“If he will let you do it, He does not like everyone, and does not let everyone touch him.”

Alex slowly walked up to the big black with his out stretched hand extended. He slowly touched the stallion. When the stallion did not shy away, he stroked his face and neck.

“So, El Jefe, The Venerable has told me that you are the leader of your people. I see that there are many horses here. I love horses. I would like to have one. I have only just arrived here and am staying with The Venerable. I have very little to offer at this time. How do you suggest that I can barter for a horse?”

“I see you carry several pieces of armaments. Do you actually know how to use them, or are they just for show?”

“I have been told that I am quite proficient with them.”

“I see you two have found each other.” The hearty voice of The Venerable filled the air.

The two men looked in his direction. Following The Venerable was Kassie. El Jefe’s shoulders snapped back and he stood his full height as soon as his eyes fell upon her.

“Who is this enchanting creature? Is she your woman Alex?”

“I’m nobody’s woman”, spewed Kassie.

“No one here owns you?”

“No, no one owns me. I belong to only me.”

“Then I will claim you for my own.” Announced El Jefe.

“Wait a minute El Jefe. The young lady said she is NOT available.” Interjected Alex.

“You aren’t, are you? Don’t let me stick my neck out if you do want to go with him.”

“I do not want to go with him, or with you, or with anyone.”

“Sorry El Jefe. She does not want to go with you.”

“You want a horse. I want her. I will trade you my horse for her.”

“I don’t think you understand. She is not mine to give. And what’s more, she does not want to go with you. So, you can’t have her.”

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