Return Of The ISIS Lecher

The tall, lanky ISIS lecher had backed up his SUV as fast as it would go to make sure he got away from that madman that had just dispatched 3 of his men. He needed time to think. The rage filled within him. He not only lost the opportunity to overwhelm that beautiful girl after whom he had been lusting for quite some time, but he lost a confrontation he should easily have won, considering it was 4 against one! He did not like losing. He will seek his revenge on both of those two. Him for killing his associates. Her, because he badly wanted her! He will not let her go now that she was close within his grasp.

ISIS backed up into a side street out of site from those 2 to plan his next move. They are apparently not fixing the flat, and apparently, he is going to take her home. ISIS planned to follow them at a discrete distance.

He began to follow them. As he turned a corner, he noticed them ahead of him quite away, but he also noticed a thick descending fog. He saw the fog engulf them. He slowed down so as not to rear end them. And before he knew it, he too was engulfed by the same thick soup such that he could no longer see the road in front him. Before he could think of what to do next, he felt his car lurch to a sudden stop and realized the engine had died. He tried to restart, but there was no life in the car. Now what was he going to do? As he was trying to ponder his next move, the fog began to lift. What ISIS saw now made his previous problems seem pale by comparison!

As ISIS looked at his surroundings, he saw no roads, no houses. He saw woods to one side, and foothills on the other. It was as if he had been transported to another world. ISIS exited his SUV with scimitar in hand. Everywhere he looked, it was the same, woods on one side and foothills on the other, as far as the eye could see. But there must be some humanity somewhere. He would climb to a higher view to get a better perspective of his surroundings. He must find something!

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