Oh Paradise… You Belong To Me…

Before turning into his bed roll for the night, Alex took stock of his environment and situation. It was a beautiful moonlit night punctuated by a canopy of stars. Such a sight would not be seen back home with all the visual “noise” created by modern society. Here, there was just the light of nature. He recalled the beautiful woods, spectacular countryside and panorama of the mountains beyond that he had seen earlier that day. Yes, this was truly an “Eden”, a paradise.

As he breathed in the crisp fresh air, he was reminded of the aria, “Mi Batte Il Cor – O Paradiso” (My Heart Beats – Oh Paradise). The music and lyrics started playing in his head. And as it did he thought out loud, “I did not ask to come here. But since you brought me here, whomever you are, I am going to make this paradise my own. I will own you. This new world will belong to me! This world will belong to ME!

Alex makes peace with his situation. He learned a long, long time ago that to waste time agonizing over something you can’t do anything about is very counterproductive and a waste of good energy. He would keep himself alert to any possibility of escape back to his old world. But, if what The Venerable said was true, and no one ever made it back, then he was going to put his efforts into acclimating to the situation at hand and make a new, meaningful and sustainable life for himself. Very high on that list of priorities was to get Kassie to warm up to him.

With that pleasant thought, Alex finally bedded down and fell into a deep sleep.

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