Kiss It… Kiss It…

Kassie was still fuming from the incident with that lecherous groper… And to make matters worse, she would now have to go many long hours without her favorite beverage… well, her coffee anyway…!!! 😊)

And bad enough being late for work, she was now catching all the red traffic lights…  This was going to make a short trip anything but short…  She turned on the radio and caught the tail end of one of her favorite songs, “Love Bites” from Def Leppard… The dreary news came on right after that…  😊

The newscaster was reporting that…  “What is this guy doing?” She groaned out loud…  “He’s coming right up to my bumper. Go on. Kiss it. Kiss it.”…  The car behind her stopped just short of running into the hitch she had on the truck’s rear end…  She loved that hitch…  It was a punisher for those that got too close…  She herself had smashed her shins into it at least 3 times in the past…  And, yes it hurt…!!!  😊

Just a few more short blocks to go to get to the parking lot at work…  Her attention reverted back to the radio newscaster as she caught a portion of the report…  It seems that a few separate incidents of mayhem involving ISIS sympathizers had been reported…  The newscaster reported the frightening details of 3 people killed and several people severely slashed…  The reporter further stated that law enforcement did not respond in a timely manner, as was now becoming the norm… He further stated that bystanders who might have helped scurried off for their own safety… People were afraid to get involved and risk death or serious injury…  And this too was becoming the norm…!!!  😊

As she drove into the parking lot and parked her car, Kassie whispered wistfully, “Where is a knight in shining armor when you need one?”  😊

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