Kassie Helps Farmer Sal…

Kassie’s part time job was at a ceramic studio not too far from home… People who wanted to make ceramic pots, ash trays, and other clay objects, would come here to learn and to pass the time away being, or trying to be, creative…  Although she herself was learning how to, it was her job to help the student/clients in their efforts and ultimately, to fire up their finished product in the kiln…  Of course, cleaning up after everyone was done for the day was also part of her many tasks…  😊

One such client was someone she called “Farmer Sal”…  He was an organic gardener who gifted her with some of his home grown tomatoes, potatoes and other veggies…  Farmer Sal was a much better gardener than he was a clay potter however…  Nonetheless, he was tentatively attempting to fashion some Ollas…  😊

Ollas were unglazed clay pots used for irrigation since ancient times… The pots had a narrow neck and were buried into the ground up to their neck…  They would be buried near the plants, and when filled with water, the water would seep out slowly through the unglazed sides of the pots and bring irrigation to the plant’s roots…  This method saved time and water usage…!!!  😊

But alas, Farmer Sal just could not get it right…  No matter how hard he tried, he could not make his Olla look like the one in his photo…!!!  😊

Kassie did her best to help Farmer Sal, but though he was a great gardener, my but those potatoes were good, here he was all thumbs… They would celebrate when he finally got one right… Then, he planned to make a bunch of them to put throughout his garden…!!!  😊

Kassie hurried through her various chores…  She had asked to leave a bit early today because she had several personal errands to run.. She would have to make a quick trip home and then on to the rest of her busy day…!!! 😊)

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