We Bit The Bullet…

September 10, 2017…  The sun had just turned away from directly facing the earth. It belched out an x10+ strength CME which scientist say would have been a “planet killer” had it hit the earth head on…  We “bit the bullet” on this one…!!!  🙂

The basis of my developing story (found in Category: “What, NO Zombies…???”) has a major force CME as the catalyst in ending our society as we know it by knocking out (“frying”) the electrical grid world wide…!!!  🙂

When that happens, most of humanity will have to live without electricity and all the comforts and amenities that electricity brings to us…!!!  We would be in a pre-industrial era because nothing we have would work any longer…!!!  🙂

The video below gives visuals as well as technical narrative…  (I am NOT making this stuff up – my story yes, but this stuff, NO…!!!)  🙂


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