She Wears A Sword And Shield…

Who is she…???   Is she Diana Prince (the unconquerable Wonder Woman)…??? Is she Xena the Warrior Princess…??? No…  She is a 5′ 9″ raven haired beauty with deep chocolate brown eyes, the match of any male warrior, and second only to the Amazon Queen herself in skill. strength, and daring…!!!  🙂

Her long black hair is tied high on the back of her head and still streams down considerably below her shoulders as it whips from side to side with every turn of her noble head…   Her full, curvy figure is firm and tight from the hours upon hours she had spent honing her warrior craft as did all her Amazon sisters…!!!  But, they were her sisters no longer…!!!   She had been cast out… And she now begins her lonely journey into as yet unknown perils… Notwithstanding her prowess, she is a woman and she is indeed alone…!!!  🙂

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