Desiree Isabella Aviles…

Alex had to put his search for Dallas and hence Debbie on hold for the moment… With the weekend fast approaching, he needed to make preparations for a trip up to his Bug Out Location (BOL) upstate, near Oneonta… His never ending efforts to make that his “fortress of solitude” just never seemed to, well… end…!!! 🙂

He left at the very crack of dawn on Friday morning wanting to beat the work traffic that was sure to be heavy… Once out of Long Island and past the bridges, traffic would be a bit lighter… Alex had refueled the day before, so the gas tank was full… He had a bit more than 4 hours of traveling time, assuming he made no pit stops…!!! 🙂

As he got closer to location, he realized he was hungry, so he decided to head straight to Oneonta. He opted to get a bite to eat at the Autumn Time Cafe on Main Street. Alex chose an out of the way corner table to finalize some paper work and review his to-do list in relative quite… 🙂

As he was jotting down some notes and sipping his coffee, he heard a surprised, “Is that the one and only Alex Grande I spy in the corner?” Alex’s eyes snapped towards the sound of that voice… He broke out in an ear to ear grin and said, “Desiree Isabella Aviles, my very favorite Latina and my life saving angel!” He quickly rose and met her half way… They hugged vigorously and exchanged cheek kisses… “Please sit down and join me.”, he pleaded.. “It’s been such a long time”, she said… “I think I will. I’d like to catch up.” She then added, “Do you still tell those crazy stories?”… 🙂

“Wow Desiree, I still remember that first day I met you. I literally thought I had died when I woke up and saw your angel face.” She said, “Yes, you were quite a mess that day. Head split open, blood everywhere and you had a mild concussion to boot. It’s a wonder you made it to the hospital on your own.” “I was a klutz that day. I tripped over one of those smaller logs I had cut down and went bashing my head up against a still standing tree.” “But the doctors stitched me up pretty good and I’m none the worse for wear. There’s barely a scar considering how bad it looked.” 🙂

“Actually, the concussion took a greater toll on me than the gash. You guys wouldn’t let me leave for a couple of days. And you took good care of me Desiree.” “Well”, she answered, “you kept telling me all those preposterous end of the earth stories, you kept me amused and entertained.” Alex gave her a squinty look of disapproval and said, “It can happen. And if it does, everyone will be sorry because they didn’t prepare for it!” 🙂

“So tell me, how far did you get with your prepping?” she asked… Alex let out a long exhausted breath… “Not quite as far as I had hoped. It’s slow going when you work alone.” 🙂

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