Debbie Does Dallas…???

Debbie quickened her pace to nimbly cross over to the sidewalk to avoid getting clipped by the onrushing car… She thought some drivers drove a bit too recklessly in the mall’s parking lot…  She was going to the supermarket at the intersection of Montauk Hwy and Great Neck Rd  in Copiague…  She remembered they had some plants for sale in the produce section… She wanted to get something for her garden and perhaps her sunny window sills… She started browsing…  😊

Alex strode into the supermarket as if he was on a mission… Well, he was… He had just finished working in his garden and he was starved…  He had depleted his food stores over the last previous days… And since he was so busy getting his beds ready for his veggies, he had little time to spare to get restocked…!!! Hence, his visit to the nearby supermarket rather than the customary organic farm in Huntington where he did most of his food shopping…  😊

Alex knew that the supermarket did have a small selection of organic produce, mostly fruits though…  He went first to pick up a loaf of sesame seeded Italian bread…  He thought he’d make a nice tomato sandwich (with organic mayo, which he did have on hand)…  So, he sauntered over to the veggie section to make some selections… 😊

He first selected some nice meaty looking tomatoes… Then, Alex picked through some nice spicy arugula… And finally, he chose a couple of cucumbers… Having picked his veggies of choice, he turned his attention to picking out some fruits…  As he moved towards the fruit bins, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye… He glanced absent mindedly in the direction of the distraction and… Good Heavens…!!! She is gorgeous…!!!  😊

There she stood in profile to him looking over a bunch of plants… He momentarily stood petrified, like a deer caught in the headlights… His mind raced, but his body would not move… Alex thought he could not let her go without knowing who she was… 😊

Debbie suddenly became aware that she was being watched… She turned slightly to see a tall wide eyed male with mouth agape, almost salivating… She burst out laughing at that scenario…  😊

“I’m sorry”, Alex stammered… “It’s just that you are so stunningly beautiful. You sort of caught me by surprise”…     “Hmmm”, she said…  “My boyfriend often says the same thing”…       “Oh, you have a boyfriend? I might have guessed”…         Debbie offered, “Well, you might know him. He rides a big Harley. He rides with some of the local boys from around here. His name is Dallas.  And yes, he did come from Texas”…  😊

“Well. my mane is Alex. It was very nice meeting you, awkward as this meeting was. Hopefully I’ll run into you again someday soon”. After several eternally long and agonizing moments, Alex added, “And your name is”?      “Oh, I’m sorry. Where are my manners? I guess I got caught up in the humor of this situation” she said with a shy smile… “My name is Debbie”…  😊

Alex bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement and said, “Very nice to meet you Debbie”.   “Wait, wait! Your name is Debbie? Your boyfriend’s name is Dallas? As in Debbie Does Dal…”     “Don’t you dare go there”, she glared…!!!  She spun around and left abruptly…!!!

Alex thought to himself, Debbie Does Dallas indeed…  Who would have thought…???  😊

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