Debbie Cools Off…

Debbie was still vexed over her encounter with Alex earlier that day, but she wasn’t quite sure why she suddenly exploded…  She decided to pour herself a soul soothing glass of wine…  She tasted its full bodied red warmth… The fuzzying effect took almost immediate hold… She now felt more relaxed…  🙂

She thought about Dallas… He was a brawny, good looking sort with a Texas drawl (and as big as Texas at that)…  That was probably what drew her to him…  That, and his beautifully loud Harley…!!!  While he was attractive and likable, Dallas would not have been her normal pick without the drawl and the bike…  He didn’t have the depth of personality that she was looking for…  Except for bikes, sports, and beverages, Dallas had very few other areas of expertise…  Oh yeah, he was also a good brawler and quite easy to be drawn into one…!!!  🙂

Debbie rose from the couch she was relaxing on to refill her glass (that red wine really was heart warming)… As she passed by the mirror, she glanced at herself and saw what she realized Alex saw earlier…  🙂

She stood 5′ 9 3/4″ tall (she never quite made it to 5’10”), with long, luxurious flowing flaming red hair and sky blue eyes….. Her long tresses draped well below her shoulders… Debbie admired her own toned and very well put together figure and her overall vision of loveliness (no, not conceited, just honest)…  😊

As she sat back down on her couch, she thought about what she had to offer and what her own qualities were…  She had above average intelligence (she wasn’t just another pretty face). She’s very reserved and empathetic… But, she’s also a poor judge of character and all too trusting…  🙂

Debbie had put her faith into a few people over the course of her years… She had been close to them… She totally misread them… She had been terribly stung by the experiences… And she was beginning to be concerned that Dallas may turn out to be one of them…  🙂

But what about Alex…???  She inexplicably ran out on him in a hurried fury, and was now sorry she did that… In the few brief moments that they had met, she had the sense that he was an open and honest person…  His awkward response to seeing her was a sight to behold. Yes, open and honest…!!!  What was she going to do about Alex now that she missed the opportunity to get to know him and who he really was…???  🙂

Oh but that wine was good…!!!  🙂

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