Alex Works Out A Plan…

Alex was still troubled by his earlier meeting with Debbie and the fact that she had run out on him before he really got a chance to know who she was…!!! Now that he knew she existed, he had to come up with a way to find her…!!! 🙂

But what did he actually know about her…??? Nothing except that she had a “boyfriend” (or did she just say that to push him away…???) named “Dallas” and that he rode a Harley…!!! Actually, that was a great start… There could not be that many people in the Copiague and surrounding areas that were named “Dallas”… And certainly, the biker community was relatively tight and small, especially the Harley riders…!!! It should not be that difficult at all for Alex to ask some of his biker friends to ask around and locate Dallas…!!! And thru Dallas, he could find Debbie again…!!! Then of course, he would have to compete with Dallas for Debbie’s attention… But, Alex reasoned, that would be tomorrow’s problem… Today’s problem would be how to find Debbie…!!! 🙂

He realized which of his friends it could be that he could start with… Two friends who were always good to him, and who often rode together during the warm weather weekends were DonnaMarie Hallahan and Laurine Peppers… He knew they would help him if they could… And there were others he could recruit for this effort as well… At least he had the workings of a plan…!!! 🙂

His thoughts then reverted back towards the day’s earlier encounter with Debbie…!!!  God but she was beautiful…!!! And what about himself…???  He realized he had been in his soil laden gardening clothes, fresh from the toils in his garden… Since he literally immerses himself in the dirt, he probably also had it on his face and in his now bushy hair (which reminded him he should schedule an appointment at New York Stylish Hair Cutters)…  Alex thought that Debbie might have taken one look at him and saw a scruffy looking human being…!!!  😊

He realized it had probably been a mistake to go out without cleaning himself up first…  But then he also realized that if he had tarried, he might never have run into Debbie…  So, here was the quandary…  Was it better to be properly prepared and have missed the opportunity all together…??? Or, was it better to have a situation that turned out badly, but that you now have the opportunity to fix…!!!  😊

Alex felt comfortable in his ability to fix things and make things right…  His lifetime was a long succession of events wherein his faith in himself had always pulled him thru, no matter what the odds…!!!  He was a Veteran…  Despite the extreme terror he felt when he was in high places, he volunteered for the paratroopers and had 16 jumps to his credit before his honorable discharge…!!!  He eventually was trained as a PathFinder as part of the 101 Air Assault Division (formerly the 101st AirBorne Division)…!!!  They were known as The Screaming Eagles… 😊

So, Alex Grande was no slouch…  At 5’11 3/4″ (he never quite made it to 6′) and a muscular 185 pounds he was a fit and imposing looking figure when “cleaned up”… 😊

He was relaxing now with the Italian bread he had bought earlier at the supermarket, with slices of tomatoes, slices of the cucumber and several generous leaves of the arugula lettuce…  He slathered plenty of organic mayo on the bread, applied the aforementioned ingredients, sprinkled some freshly ground black pepper on them and then applied a sprinkling of Himalayan sea salt to finish off the seasoning…!!!  He took a first bite…  Ahhh…  Heaven in my mouth he thought…!!!  He poured himself a glass of red wine…  Took a sip, sat down with his plate, his glass and began to relax…  😊

After a few bites, he remembered that he did indeed need a haircut, so he called New York Stylish Hair Cutters from the list in his cell phone…  Dagmar (Dagmar Groy-Marino as she is known on FaceBook is the owner) answered the phone… “Oh hi Dagmar.  It’s Alex. I need to schedule a haircut session with MaryAnne”.  “Hi Alex. Yes, I will but I also want to talk to you”…  🙂

After reviewing MaryAnne’s schedule and available openings, Dagmar suggested some times for Alex to come in… Alex reviewed his schedule and they agreed upon a date and time slot…  🙂

“So Alex”, Dagmar started. “My teenage nephew helped me out with my garden… He planted so much and everything so close, that except for the tomatoes, I have no idea what’s in there”. “Can you come by when you get a chance and take a look and let me know what’s in there and where”?  🙂

Alex thought for a moment before he responded… “Well, Dagmar, I can but I often can’t tell them apart either just by looking at them.” “What I do in my own garden when something comes up that I can’t easily identify, is I tear off a bit of a leaf and I taste it. That usually gives me a very good clue as to what it is”.  “But, when I get a break, I’ll pass by, take a look and maybe take some photos or a video with my cell to see if I can identify them for you”. “And next time tell your nephew to draw a map of what he plants and where”….  🙂

Alex and Dagmar exchanged closing pleasantries…  Alex sat back again in his recliner, took another sip of the delicious, warm red wine then took a generous bite out of his tomato and mayo sandwich…  Could life get any better than this…???  Well….. Of course, there was Debbie…!!!  🙂

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