A Knight Without Armor…

Deena wrapped up her day at work and hurried to her truck… She sped off eager to get home so she could take care of some personal issues… As she was driving towards home, she felt that the truck rode a bit differently… She finally got onto Cuba Hill Road and realized one of her tires must be going flat… Even though she was now only a few blocks from home, she felt the urge to check… Deena impatiently pulled over to the side… When she stopped, there was a tree directly in front of her and one to the side… She got out to check… As she suspected, her rear left tire was pretty much on its way to being a pancake…!!! 🙂

Now, she was fuming… What else had this day in store for her… As she kicked that forlorn tire in disgust, she noticed a black SUV approach her truck slowly… Ahhh, she thought, someone to help me change my tire… As she looked hopefully in that direction, 4 doors opened almost simultaneously and from each popped a black garbed man with a scimitar in his hand… The one from behind the wheel was quite tall and Deena recognized him as the “coffee lecher”…!!! 🙂

Deena screamed in a panic and bolted for the open door of her truck…!!! 🙂 Continue reading “A Knight Without Armor…”

Deena Helps Farmer Sal…

Deena’s part time job was at a ceramic studio not too far from home… People who wanted to make ceramic pots, ash trays, and other clay objects, would come here to learn and to pass the time away being, or trying to be, creative…  Although she herself was learning how to, it was her job to help the student/clients in their efforts and ultimately, to fire up their finished product in the kiln…  Of course, cleaning up after everyone was also part of her many tasks…  🙂

One such client was someone she called “Farmer Sal”…  He was an organic gardener who gifted her with some of his home grown tomatoes, potatoes and other veggies…  Farmer Sal was a much better gardener than he was a clay potter however…  Nonetheless, he was tentatively attempting to fashion some Ollas…  🙂 Continue reading “Deena Helps Farmer Sal…”

Kiss It… Kiss It…

Deena was still fuming from the incident with that lecherous groper… And to make matters worse, she would now have to go many long hours without her favorite beverage… well, her coffee anyway…!!! 🙂

And bad enough being late for work, she was now catching all the red traffic lights… This was going to make a short trip anything but short… She turned on the radio and caught the tail end of one of her favorite songs, “Love Bites” from Def Leppard… The dreary news came on right after that… 🙂 Continue reading “Kiss It… Kiss It…”

5 Feet Of Personal Space…

Y A W N N N… Deena was still not fully awake that morning as she felt ManCat purring on her chest, it’s favorite sleeping position… Her T-Shirt was moist where ManCat was busy licking it… What a way to wake up she thought…!!! 🙂

Deena had already hit the snooze alarm several times and was now going to have to rush to get to work… She rose from her bed, casting off her adoring cat… She washed up, got dressed, and was quickly out the door… Deena walked across her lawn barefoot as she was often wont to do, carrying her foot gear in hand… 🙂

She stepped into her muscular F-150 Ford truck (none of those “girlie” trucks like “Tacoma” for Deena), turned the key and raced off… Her first stop was customarily to get her soul nourishing StarBucks coffee… Deena could not function without it… 🙂 Continue reading “5 Feet Of Personal Space…”

Who, What, Where, and When is Deena Khalee….???

If good things come in little packages, this must be the greatest package of them all…!!! At just 5′ 2 1/2″ tall this green eyed brunette was the most enchanting creature ever to tread on this earth…!!! 🙂

Her early troubled life is what shaped her character… She would bend, but she would not break… She was very sweet, passionate and kind towards those few she genuinely cared for and loved… But she was fierce and noble in her defense of these very same against those who would transgress… 🙂
But the past was almost a paradise compared to the oncoming tide that was about to engulf both her as well as most everyone else here in the soon to be formerly “good old USA”…!!! 🙂

The constant rash of assault rifle mass shootings as well as the many recent terrorist activity episodes finally caused Congress to impose harsh gun-control laws… The law confiscated most citizen owned fire arms… They also clamped down on the sale of ammunition, so much so that even illegal arms or ammunition could not be had anywhere…!!! It was now almost impossible to be a “bad guy” any more…!!! 🙂 Continue reading “Who, What, Where, and When is Deena Khalee….???”

Alex Tells Desiree How It Began…

“Let me recap Desiree”, Alex said… “For me, it basically started with that movie ‘2012’…  Ever since then, and especially with the National Geographic Channel’s series ‘Doomsday Preppers’, I decided that I needed an out of the way location that I could bug out to in the event that something happened.” He paused for a moment to sip his coffee…  🙂

“Luckily at that time, one of my friends, Angelica Puglia, told me of some property she had up here and how there was a piece adjacent to hers that was for sale. Our properties are almost mirror images.”  “So, it’s Angelica’s fault you are here?” Desiree interjected. “Yes, you can blame Angelica.” 🙂 Continue reading “Alex Tells Desiree How It Began…”

Desiree Isabella Aviles…

Alex had to put his search for Dallas and hence Debbie on hold for the moment… With the weekend fast approaching, he needed to make preparations for a trip up to his Bug Out Location (BOL) upstate, near Oneonta… His never ending efforts to make that his “fortress of solitude” just never seemed to, well… end…!!! 🙂

He left at the very crack of dawn on Friday morning wanting to beat the work traffic that was sure to be heavy… Once out of Long Island and past the bridges, traffic would be a bit lighter… Alex had refueled the day before, so the gas tank was full… He had a bit more than 4 hours of traveling time, assuming he made no pit stops…!!! 🙂 Continue reading “Desiree Isabella Aviles…”

Alex Works Out A Plan…

Alex was still troubled by his earlier meeting with Debbie and the fact that she had run out on him before he really got a chance to know who she was…!!! Now that he knew she existed, he had to come up with a way to find her…!!! 🙂

But what did he actually know about her…??? Nothing except that she had a “boyfriend” (or did she just say that to push him away…???) named “Dallas” and that he rode a Harley…!!! Actually, that was a great start… There could not be that many people in the Copiague and surrounding areas that were named “Dallas”… And certainly, the biker community was relatively tight and small, especially the Harley riders…!!! It should not be that difficult at all for Alex to ask some of his biker friends to ask around and locate Dallas…!!! And thru Dallas, he could find Debbie again…!!! Then of course, he would have to compete with Dallas for Debbie’s attention… But, Alex reasoned, that would be tomorrow’s problem… Today’s problem would be how to find Debbie…!!! 🙂 Continue reading “Alex Works Out A Plan…”

Debbie Cools Off…

Debbie was still vexed over her encounter with Alex earlier that day, but she wasn’t quite sure why she suddenly exploded…  She decided to pour herself a soul soothing glass of wine…  She tasted its full bodied red warmth… The fuzzying effect took almost immediate hold… She now felt more relaxed…  🙂

She thought about Dallas… He was a brawny, good looking sort with a Texas drawl (and as big as Texas at that)…  That was probably what drew her to him…  That, and his beautifully loud Harley…!!!  While he was attractive and likable, Dallas would not have been her normal pick without the drawl and the bike…  He didn’t have the depth of personality that she was looking for…  Except for bikes, sports, and beverages, Dallas had very few other areas of expertise…  Oh yeah, he was also a good brawler and quite easy to be drawn into one…!!!  🙂 Continue reading “Debbie Cools Off…”

Debbie Does Dallas…???

Debbie quickened her pace to nimbly cross over to the sidewalk to avoid getting clipped by the onrushing car… She thought some drivers drove a bit too recklessly in the mall’s parking lot…  She was going to IGA in Copiague’s Merrineck Mall…  She remembered they had some plants for sale in the produce section… She wanted to get something for her garden and perhaps her sunny window sills… She started browsing…  🙂

Alex strode into IGA as if he was on a mission… Well, he was… He had just finished working in his garden and he was starved…  He had depleted his food stores over the last previous days… And since he was so busy getting his beds ready for his veggies, he had little time to spare to get restocked…!!! Hence, his visit to the nearby IGA rather than the customary organic farm in Huntington where he did most of his food shopping…  🙂 Continue reading “Debbie Does Dallas…???”